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The first 5 persons to register, who have their own forum, will be sure to have an extra active member to their forum (me). =)
Just be sure to follow the simple policies below if you would like an active member on your forum.
1) Your forum's theme must be about, in general, games, movies/t.v. shows, anime, art, literature, or cartoons. (It doesn't have to have all that I listed)
2) Your forum must be G - PG-13 rated. No R or M (Unless its rated R/M ONLY for blood, violence, gore then I'll join)
3) You must post 50 or more messages in the forum.
4)Your forum must have a few amount of members. It wouldn't be fair to forums with very little members if your forum already have like 500 registered users. Why would you need me?

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Before the offer ends!