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 Personality Test - "Unlock the secrets of your personality"

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PostSubject: Personality Test - "Unlock the secrets of your personality"   Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:40 am

Click Here to take the test.
My result is below.
Hmmm Wondering ?

Creative Users of Tools

"Impulsive Players"

Work and play are often the same thing for "Impulsive Players" - especially if
the activity involves making real contributions to the lives of others. They
have strong inner values that guide what they do. They usually prefer doing
their thing by themselves but in a supportive, friendly environment.

Formal education in a rigid environment tends to smother this personality style.
They prefer learning things through experiencing them. Real life is their best
schoolmaster. Furthermore, experiencing the process of doing things is
generally more fulfilling than the final product.

They greatly respect the privacy of others to allow plenty of room for personal
growth and development.

"Impulsive Players" adapt well to change and are among the first to try new
things, especially if it can be used for recreation.

They don't like to lose out on what can be experienced right now, so they don't
hesitate to postpone a deadline if something more important comes along. They
can be impulsive and enjoy freedom. This does not mean they are undisciplined.
This personality style can practice developing a skill for hours on end, but it
s usually for self-gratification. They can perform wonderfully in front of
others, but like James Taylor, they do it for their own pleasure rather than to
draw attention to themselves.


I made this. =)
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Personality Test - "Unlock the secrets of your personality"

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